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Investing time to learn is different than reading for entertainment. The time invested needs to deliver real value as a return, be it physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual quality of life. At Seedcraft Publishing, founders Christine Kent and Lanny Goodman deliver that value.

From Christine Kent, founder of Whole Woman

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Coming this Fall

Coming this Fall

The Covid-19

Saving the 
Whole Woman

Coming In July

Save Your Hips

From Inception to Injection to Bioremediation

Natural Alternatives to Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence

Heal Hip Pain Naturally and Avoid Dangerous Orthopedic Surgery

Since 2020 we've been barraged with misinformation, opinions, and conjecture about COVID, its causes and cures. Meanwhile, billions have been injected with "vaccines" blindly trusting that governments, pharmaceutical corporations, and scientists knew what they were doing and were protecting public health.


 Now it's time for the real information taken directly from the published studies after more than two years of intensive research by Christine Kent. In the COVID-19 Clot Shots,  the actual facts behind the vaccines are revealed.

The tragic toll of death and health devastation by the vaccines prove that the medical system no longer deserves the trust of the people. Education is now a prerequisite to protect your health.

The definitive book on stabilizing and reversing pelvic organ prolapse without dangerous surgery.

This is the book that started the Whole Woman Revolution! This work has kept many thousands of women out of the operating room in over sixty countries.

Need to stabilize and reverse cystocele, rectocele, or uterine prolapse? You need edcuation, practical details, and persistence. You provide the persistence and Saving the Whole Woman provides everything else!

Includes a bonus online exercise video. 

In 2011, two women wrote into the Whole Woman forum in the same week, "Wow, not only is my prolapse better, but my hip pain is gone!"


These comments led Whole Woman founder Christine Kent on a fifteen-month exploration of over a thousand research studies and the validation that prolapse and chronic hip pain are related. The result is production of this definitive and science-backed book on restoring and maintaining hip health and mobility for a lifetime!

  • Ten chapters

  • Ninety-four illustrations

  • Five hundred citations to research studies.

From Lanny Goodman, Senior Consultant

Becoming - Evolving in a World that Holds Us Back book image

Available Now!

The End of Management book image

Coming This Summer

Becoming -

Evolving in a World That Holds Us Back

Based on a lifetime of learning, deep interpersonal experience, and insight, Becoming provides practical tools for continuously improving quality of life.

A wonderful gift for yourself and a transformative gift for the youngsters in your life!

The End of

Have More Time, Make More Money, and Have More Fun by Creating a Company That Runs Itself

The discipline of management is a 150 year-old technology intentionally designed to minimize employee contribution. Look in the natural world and you won't find a manager anywhere. It's time to reinvent business.

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